Custom Cabinet Pictures

We love being able to show you pictures of projects we’ve previously completed.  Looking at pictures is a great way to help decide what you want in your own house.  In addition to being able to build anything you see in our pictures, we are also always up for a challenge.

Kitchens  – Custom kitchen cabinets are perfect if you want to build your kitchen exactly how you want. When you get custom cabinets, you aren’t locked into certain sizes like factory cabinets. We can also customize pullouts or drawers to hold exactly what you want to store in them.

Bathroom Vanities – Vanities are an excellent place to let your creativity fly. Customizing your vanity with feet or a fun color is a great way to make it your own.  We can even make it look like a piece of furniture you found and made into a vanity.

Laundry Rooms – A beautiful laundry room can make you want to spend time in there instead of dreading it.  Many people love being able to customize the cabinets in their laundry rooms to fit their needs exactly.  Hanging rods, folding tables, hampers, and ironing boards can all be fit into your design to work for you.

Desks & Built-Ins – Built-Ins are a great way to add some character to your house.  The internet is full of tips for filling your built-ins, but what are you supposed to do if you don’t have any?  Call us and we will build them to fit your space and your needs!  We can customize them to fit your TV or any components you need!  We can also build a custom desk to fit your space and style perfectly!

Miscellaneous – We are always trying new things and thinking outside the box for our customers.  Whether we are building custom mantles, built-in beds, or barn doors, we are always up for a challenge.




You can also check out our Pinterest page to see some great ideas that we’ve pinned but haven’t gotten a chance to try out yet!




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Have we done work for you in the past?  Send us some pictures so we can add them and show others!